Sunday, December 21, 2014


As the modern day church we have to remember that God is interested in the world not just the church. As believers we also have to understand that the gospel we preach is to go outside our 4 walls, whether that be across the street in our community…or in our neighboring cities or even across the world…God requires us to be people that influence the world.
Local Missions:
•    Food bank
•    Teen Pregnancy Center
•    High School Bible Studies

Our founding Pastor Dr. Jerry Savelle has been going to Africa since 1978. As a church our main global focus at this time is to work along side of JSMI to impact the country of Tanzania.
Every year we expand our outreaches in Tanzania. Presently our projects consist of:

•    PASTORS’ TRAINING SEMINAR: We started with 29 pastors and we now have 230 actively enrolled, and a waiting list. With more pastors joining, we are expecting over 250 native pastors to attend a Pastors’ Seminar we will hold in November this year. Because they cannot afford the cost, we will provide travel, accommodations, meals, and all of the training materials for these pastors. Each pastor has the potential to impact thousands of lives.

•    BACKPACKS: These backpacks will be filled with school supplies, two of Dr. Savelle’s books printed in Kiswahili, as well as treats for the children. Every year we handed out backpacks and supplies to 500 children. By putting education together with the Gospel, we know that the lives of these children will truly be impacted and changed. Without the school supplies in these backpacks, the children would be turned away and not allowed to attend class. This outreach enables children to receive an education and bring hope to their entire family.

•    FEEDING PROGRAM: One African missionary explained that to reach the parents you must feed the children, so we are doing just that; giving food and books (in Kiswahili, the native language) by Dr. Savelle. We are feeding them spirit, soul and body. Many of the families we provide food for live in drought stricken areas. Each family is given enough food to last about 2 months, consisting of corn, beans, rice, oil, salt, and tea.

•    WATER WELLS: The Lord placed it on our hearts to get involved in building water wells for remote villages. The purpose is to help stop water-borne diseases that are prevalent in third world countries. If we can provide purified water, then this would be a huge preventative measure against common diseases. One goal for this year is to build public water wells in key villages in Tanzania bringing fresh, clean water to thousands of families.