The Generation of YOUTH that is writing the 29th chapter of Acts


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Our goal in Heritage Youth is to provide every teenager with a place where they are loved, accepted, praised, and involved in something that is bigger than themselves! Our leaders and our presence emulate the highest level of unconditional LOVE and acceptance. We always strive to encourage them and impart into them that they are LOVABLE, VALUABLE, CAPABLE and REDEEMABLE! Our youth are gaining a vision and a purpose for their identity that gives them the confidence they need to step into their destiny.

Pastors Rick & Kassi Solis

We love our youth!

Pastors Rick and Kassi have been...

Pastors Rick & Kassi have been faithfully connected to this ministry since 2004, and now serve as our Executive Pastor and Worship Pastor. Pastor Rick has a passion for ministering God’s Word to all he comes in contact with and seeing all people live as the champions we were created to be. He oversees all the leadership here at HFCC and also assists Pastor Justin in ministering to our congregation. Pastor Kassi serves as our Worship Pastor, overseeing worship in all departments. Every service her and her team provide an atmosphere in which the presence of God shows up and the Word can be effectively ministered. They are currently serving as our interim youth pastors as well. Together, their vision is to see lives changed, bodies healed, and the devil stopped.

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